The Idea Foundry

The Idea Foundry brings together the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), manufacturing, art & business communities to create a new model for product and company development. As employment models continue to evolve from a single-job-for-a-lifetime to variations on shorter-and-shorter employment timeframes, the employer and employee potentially miss out on significant opportunities. The employer, knowing they are filling a relatively short-term skill set requirement, are often quite targeted in their search for employees. This process often overlooks those potential employees that might not fit in the traditional mold and very often those are the ones that can bring the greatest measure of creativity and productivity.

Those individuals that have taken a different path are often drawn to maker-space & co-working environments such as The Forge and HQ Greensboro. The Idea Foundry implements a unique model to enable such individuals to contribute to new product and service ideas, while not being tied to a traditional employment relationship and yet positioned to be rewarded for providing key skills at critical times. Akin more to a royalty model than pay/hour model, part of the structure of The Idea Foundry establishes the framework whereby such agreements can be made and enforced. Along with an Idea Selection Council, The Idea Foundry helps to identify & quantify the contributions of individuals with a premium being placed on creativity and problem solving. The intent of The Idea Foundry is to develop micro-funding sources for prototype and initial production, as well as larger-scale funding plus the required sales/marketing and business management function. Some product ideas may result in independent companies, with a production workforce, while others will still operate under the aegis of The Idea Foundry.

In this new world, most of us will not want to settle into a life of retirement only, but will have a continued desire to create and contribute, so those at all stages of life are encouraged to participate - to take the time to expand their knowledge base and skill set and help contribute to the future. The Idea Foundry has no intent to limit the sorts of ideas in any way; from social programs to machine-manufacturing, performance art to the next smart-phone application, from bottle openers to new home appliances - its limited only by your imagination. Join us and lets change the world - one idea at a time.

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